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Oil Analysis Laboratory:

Lubriport has provided analytical services for over 40 years to marine, shipping, industry, government and individuals. What can we do for you?
  • ┬áLube Oil Analysis – Metals, contaminants
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Diesel and Residual Fuels Testing “Fuel Oil Testing”
  • New Lubricant Quality Assurance
  • Metals Determination by Emission Spectrophotometer – BAIRD

Assurance of Quality:

Clients of Lubriport are accustomed to accurate testing of their fuel and lubricant samples using standard ASTM methods, when possible, and performed on instrumentation maintained and calibrated with certified standards supplied by trusted sources like:

  • ┬áConostan – organic-metallic blends of spectroscopy standards
  • Cannon – viscosity standards
  • Alpha – sulfur in oil standards traceable to NBS
  • Fisher and Aldrich – standard solutions used in titrations

Baird: Rotrode
Instrument allows analysis of most oils without dilution reducing need for calculation and cost, and disposal of solvents.

Baird developed this method nearly 70 years ago with the military. They were the first to use routine oil testing for monitoring conditions at S.O.A.P labs (Spectrographic Oil Analysis Program)